Reservation List Policy

We are contacted almost daily about wanting to be added to our waiting list and this becomes very
overwhelming to keep up with. We have developed a Reservation List to make it easier and fair for everyone
wanting to adopt one of our dachshund puppies. This is the only list we will continue to keep up with. We will
post a link to view our Reservation List and update it as needed so that you can see where you are on the list.

Our pups are $975-$1175 pet (depending on color/sex/bloodlines) a non-refundable deposit of $50 will get you
on our reserved list, which is the best way to get a puppy from us. Then once the puppies are born and you
choose a puppy you will need to make a $200 deposit to hold your puppy until take home day. The deposit is
also part of the total so you can subtract it from the price of the puppy. The balance is due once the pup is 8
weeks old and ready to be picked up. If you wait, not choosing to put in a deposit until the puppies are born you
will very likely miss out on the puppy that you were wanting because many of our puppies are sold before they
are born. All deposits are non-refundable- this ensures you have chosen Phat Dachshunds to be your breeder
and not to continue to shop around. * Before placing a deposit, you will need to read over and agree to our
contract and also our "purchase info" and "puppy info" pages of our website. If there are any questions feel free
to text/email us. There is no need to fill out the contract yet, just make sure that you agree to our terms. You will
fill out and sign the contract on pickup day. Once you decide to make deposit, text or email us your Full Name,
Address, Phone Number, and Email. We will then give you payment options. Once we receive your deposit then
you will be placed on the reserved list in the order that your deposit is received. It is your responsibility to stay
connected with us through FaceBook, email/text as pups are born because all of our attention will be given to
the newborn puppies. The picking process will begin as we determine pups are strong and healthy and may
depend on other litters be whelped close together to give you a larger choice of puppies once the picking
process begins. The process usually begins 3 days to 2 weeks after pups are whelped. Once you are notified of
your turn to pick you will have 30 minutes to reply. If you do not reply whether you will be picking or passing
then you will be skipped so that others may anxiously choose their pup. Once you decide to pick from a litter,
you will have current pics to choose from. The more flexible you are to coat/color/sex- the sooner we will be able
to fulfill your adoption since we don't always  know what we will get until they are born or have developed their
coat types. If you choose to pass, you will never be bumped down the list. You will remain in the same spot or
bumped up as others in front of you pick and come off the list. You may stay on the list as long as you want
provided we are still breeding- and we plan on it for quite some time.
Phat Dachshunds
Call/Text 615-692-2628
(Please take a moment to read over/agree to our sales contract)

A deposit is your commitment to adopt one of our puppies as well as for us to
hold this puppy just for you and not accept deposit from someone else. We
DO NOT hold puppies without a deposit. If you see a puppy that you would like
to reserve, contact us immediately. Sometimes litters sell fast. Also there may
be other people interested in the same puppy that you are.

Deposits are Non-refundable and Non-Transferable -unless something
happens to the puppy while in our care. If that was the case the deposit would
be transferred to another puppy when available or refunded. Once you have
made a deposit on a puppy we are holding it just for you and we expect for
you to adopt the puppy. If you are no longer able to adopt the puppy we ask
that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the puppy to
someone else. We will not refund your deposit or transfer it to another puppy
so please do not make an impulse deposit. Serious buyers only.

* If you pay for a puppy in full and are no longer able to get the puppy for any
reason, we will not refund any money that has been paid and we will not
transfer that money to another puppy as we have been holding this puppy for
you. Please make 100% certain that you are able to adopt a puppy at this time

* Once you have put a deposit down, you will be notified of the pickup date.
Your puppy will not be able to leave until it is 8 weeks old please keep this in
mind when scheduling a pickup date. You must make arrangements to have
your puppy picked up at this time. We will not continue to hold a puppy.

* Puppies must be paid for in FULL by the time they are 8 weeks old. We will
not continue to hold your puppy past 8 weeks of age. We will assume that you
will no longer be getting the puppy and it will be made available for others to
adopt. We can sometimes arrange to hold a puppy past 8 weeks if the
circumstances are agreed upon. There will be a $20 per day boarding fee plus
the cost of any extra vet visits needed during that time. The puppy and all
fees will still have to be paid in FULL at 8 weeks.               
Deposit Amount/Payment

A deposit of $250 for puppies

Once you are ready to make deposit, text or email us your Full
Name, address, phone number, and email address. We will then
send you an invoice to send payment. Please pay the invoice as
soon as you receive it. If the invoice is left unpaid the puppy will
still be available for others to adopt. We do not hold puppies
without a deposit.

Deposit can be made with cash,check, Postal money order, or
credit/debit card (4% fee added for credit/debit payments)

Please call/text/email for availability of puppies.

When mailing a deposit- we allow 3 business days for it to arrive.
If not received in 3 business days the puppy will be available to
others for deposit. Please use Priority 2 Day Mail if necessary.    
Payment  Policy

* Final payment on puppies must be CASH, Postal money order, or
another online APP that we accept. We can accept major credit
cards/debit cards but add 4% service fee.

Registration Choices

We offer a nice selection of quality dachshunds- hand selecting our breeding
prospects from top quality breeders all over the country. Many of our
dachshunds have Champion and/or imported bloodlines. This is neither easy
or cheap to acquire.  Most all of our parents are AKC registered. We are AKC
inspected on a yearly basis and are 100% compliant to their guidelines. We
also have a business license and pay taxes on all sales.

Our dogs are dual registered with the CKC (continental kennel club). We will
no longer be ordering/paying for AKC papers for Pet puppies. We find that the
current registration rate is below 50%. This helps cut down on our paperwork
and helps keep the prices lower for those just looking for a pet to love and
spay/neuter. We will however order AKC papers for those who wish to pay for
them. The registration options are explained below.

Pet Only- No additional fee

This is our most popular option. If you are just looking for a pet and not
interested in breeding. We will include CKC registration papers at no extra
charge with signed agreement to spay/neuter your pet at 5-7 months of age.

Limited AKC- Additional $50 fee

This is an option for those wanting AKC papers on their puppy with
spay/neuter agreement. Limited AKC Registration means that the dog is
registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. A
dog with Limited registration is ineligible to be entered in a breed competition
in a licensed or member dog show. It is eligible for events such as -
Obedience, Tracking, Field trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure
Coursing,Agility, and Earth Dog.

Full AKC Registration- Additional fee of $200- $800 extra depending on

This will be determined upon approval. We will need to discuss pedigrees and
many other things pertaining to breeding dachshunds. We do require to know
you personally or by referrals when inquiring. This is an option offered only
on a case by case basis. Not all puppies are of breeding or show quality. This
takes a trained eye and hand. Sometimes we are simply not interested in
sharing some bloodlines that we may be working on or excellent bloodlines
we have gotten from a show breeder.

Full AKC Registration means that you have chosen to pay for rights to breed
or show your dachshund.

We do require that our kennel name "Phat Dach's" be added to the registered
Quality Companions
Return Policy- (I really hate that I have to include this one but here it is
for those who need to know)

* We
Do Not  take returns on puppies for any reason. We will not buy  
back or refund your money. Once you have committed to adopting one
of our puppies we expect for you to treat it as a family member and keep
it for his/her entire life. A puppy is a serious commitment. Please do your
dachshund research before purchasing a puppy. You are not to resell,
re home, or take the puppy to a shelter, you must surrender it back to us
with no compensation.

* We will take back any of our puppy/dogs at any time in it's life if you are
no longer able to provide a home. We understand unexpected
circumstances can arise. We will assist on finding another home once it
is back in our care. We are committed to each and every one of our
dachshunds for life.
Dachshund Puppies in Tennessee